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A Baroque Masterpiece

baroque masterpiece
‘A Man Seated at a Reading Table in a Lofty Room’. 1627
A recent discovery for us, this Baroque style painting is beautiful in its use of light and shadows.  A lone man sits under a large window, shunning the light streaming in through the large window behind him. It evokes a feeling of solitude and reflection. Until recently this painting was attributed to Rembrandt, however it is now thought that it is the work of one of his contemporary followers. It echoes the style of Rembrandt’s work when he was in his native Leiden and he used such strong contrasts of light and dark. It has now been noticed that the composition does not look to be typical of his work and that the paint has been applied in too heavy-handed a manner. It also lacks some of the detail that one usually finds in Rembrandt’s work.
Oil on oak.
This work is now showing at The National Gallery, London.
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