2 Trees Intense 5 (Large Oil Painting approx 30″x40″)


Painted to depict the landscape in intense heat using metallic oils this painting is a study in extremely bright and vivid colour. Due to their nature use of metallic oils creates a finish which changes in hues and colour intensity when viewed in different light conditions and angles.

Painted on very high quality professionally made Gallery style canvas on cross braced frame.

Pictures are taken with a canon 450D camera in dull daylight in flash off mode and are as faithful as i can take them.

Painting will come varnished and completely ready to hang with varnished sealed certificate to the rear and signed of course. Sides of the work will be painted sympathetically.


Product Reference No: A-160527

Additional information

Weight 6.00 kg
Dimensions 76 x 4 x 102 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Simon Jones

Well I’m truly humbled by the fact you have deemed my paintings worthy enough to have made it as far as this page!   I left secondary education back in 1976, attended a Foundation Course in Fine Art afterward and went on to start a Degree course in London thereafter. It would have been great if I was to then go on to say I painted ever since and become hugely successful doing so but alas life tends to get in a chosen career paths way a bit! To cut a long story short I worked in a local Chemical factory for about 12 years and latterly 20 years in the NHS …..   Born the younger of 2 children by 9 years as a child I was often left to spend hours using my own imagination and creativity in order to entertain myself. I become fascinated by anything Greek, Roman or Arthurian. The very first painting in oils I did was of a Greek Warrior astride a horse drawn chariot, all ochre’s and dust swirling, its vividness doesn’t escape me even now.   Most of all I remember the paint, its feel, its smell complemented by the turpentine and linseed oil made the whole experience intoxicating. I imagined this was what past artists must also have experienced too. Bacon described paint as ‘an attack on the nervous system’ and I reckon he was spot on.   Why choose landscape? I suppose as a kid being outside seemed more natural than being inside (unlike today) in my non digital youth it was normal to be shunted outside early on a long school summer holiday day and bid not to return till teatime. I lived near a river so I fished a lot, childhood for me was an ‘outdoor’ experience. It seems natural now since leaving the confines of my digital office to hark back to the outside (though not obvious to myself till I wrote this).   Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and view my work. If you have any questions or have a certain requirement for a painting please use my contact page to talk to me about it.   Remember, don’t forget to ‘look now while life lasts’.

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