A Memory of Lavender no 2


Memory of Lavender #2 this is the second in this series of paintings . A beautiful lilac and blue impressionist painting portraying a misty Lavender field in Provence .This work was created from memory : I like the way that by portraying the essence the subject and our emotions associated with that memory the artwork takes on an ethereal quality. I have created this work with heavy body acrylic applied with a palette knife, sponge and cloth.
The painting is acrylic on box canvas 51 x76 cms (the work extends around the edges of the canvas) it is signed on the front sold unframed and ready to hang.

All of my paintings are carefully wrapped and packed, shipped and tracked within four days of receiving orders.

Artist: Colette Baumback

Product Reference No: A-190040

Additional information

Weight 4.0 kg
Dimensions 76 x 5 x 51 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Colette Baumback

I have always had the desire to paint  since I was a child,  painting has always been part of my life it is the way in which I express myself . I am self-taught and have my own unique style which along with my passion for painting has developed considerably over the years.The process of painting and creating is so captivating, incorporating my emotional response to the subject into the work and watching it develop. I work with a palette knife exploring the structure of the subject, building up layers of paint, colour and texture until I achieve the desired effect. I would describe my artwork as organic, impressionist and sometimes abstract, the use of texture is essential in my work it adds a three dimensional quality and which gives the painting life. The paintings are a reflection of my fascination with the natural elements in our surroundings. I am inspired by the richness of colour and texture in the natural landscape, that inspiration compels me to paint.

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