Abstraction in Monochrome ‘Light in the Darkness 2’ (Large Framed)RESERVED

Abstraction in Monochrome ‘Light in the Darkness 2’  Inspired by the drama and beauty of land and sky. Worked with oils on fabriano paper, and painted in the spirit of Abstract Expressionism with the fluidity of the paint and the strength of the mark. Presented in a black frame with mount under non reflective glass.

Work measures     60 H x 80 W cms

Framed work measures  85 H x 102 W cms RESERVED


Product Reference No: A-135748

wendy hyde

My work is Abstract Expressionist. I paint not what I see of the visible world, but how I feel it to be. It is not a literal description of a place but a feeling of a place and how one is effected by that environment. My inspiration comes from the land, sea and skyscapes, music that I listen to classical, blues, jazz and colours that I see in every day life. I like to work on a large scale when possible as this gives me more freedom of movement and allows me to be experimental. My preferred medium is oil on canvas or paper. Artists that I admire Willem de Kooning for the fluidity of the paint and the power of the brushstrokes. Mark Rothko for his vast expanses of colour that enfold you in a warm embrace. Van Gogh for caring so much, JMW Turner for his magical light in the landscape and Rembrandt for his deep understanding of how to paint flesh especially knees! Franz Kline for his bold use of paint and the way his paintings 'elbow' their way into the room they are hung! My work is being shown in 'Ugly House to Lovely House' Channel 4 George Clarke Spring 2019  

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