Angel Arising


This image was incredibly difficult to ‘catch’, it only appears for a split second. The liquid used was milk, two drops of which fall from a container in quick succession into a lower dish. The first drop hits the dish and forms a ‘plume’, the second drop of milk then collides with the plume and the above image is formed. A flash gun is used to capture the image, the flash duration is about 1/32000 of a second.

The random splashes of milk act a a starlit night sky background.

My name shows as a faint watermark at the bottom of this image, this will not be on the image when supplied.

The  image will be supplied as a 16 x 12 inch unmounted print on Fuji Professional photo paper in a lustre finish. It will be packaged in a strong cardboard box directly from my supplier.

Orders will be sent First Class post.

The print price includes postage even for multiple print orders.

When mounted with a  colour of your choice it will fit a standard 20 x 16 inch frame, ( the second image gives an impression of how the print will look when framed ).

I can only dispatch to the UK.

Artist: Paul Saunders

Product Reference No: A-165060

Additional information

Dimensions 41 x 31 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)