Antares Pebble Bowl

By claire milne

  • Antares Pebble Bowl
  • Antares Pebble Bowl
  • Antares Pebble Bowl
  • Antares Pebble Bowl

About this piece

Abstract fused glass bowl 24 cm diameter and 6 cm deep.

The piece is created from hand made glass cabochons fused together to create one piece of glass then shaped into a bowl.  This bowl weights almost a kilo.

The creation process results in a bowl that appears to have been made from pebbles.

Each pebble style bowl is unique.   The sequence of cutting, firing and placing of the glass within the kiln creates different results within every finished piece.

Created in black, grey & white opaque glass with an irregular shaped edge.  Edges are smooth and rounded.  The base has a mat finish and the top surface is smooth with a gloss finish.

An unusual centrepiece that is as beautiful underneath as it is from above. This is an abstract bowl with some spaces within it so it will not hold liquid.



Antares Pebble Bowl

  • Price: £140
  • Artist: claire milne
  • Delivery: Free within UK
  • Size: W:24 D:0 H:6(cm)
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  • Reference: A-128865