Bear about to catch salmon in mouth


A brown bear with shaggy, brown fur is about to catch a salmon in its mouth at the top of Brooks Falls, Alaska. The fish is only a few inches away from its gaping jaws. Shot with a Nikon D800 in Alaska, USA, in July 2015.
ISO 400, 300mm, f/9.0, 1/1000

This image won the Sunday Times/Audley Travel Big Shot competition in January 2017, was National Geographic’s Photo of the Day on 2 August 2017 after being chosen in their Daily Dozen and was among the editors’ favourites for Week 10 of their Travel Photographer of the Year competition.

“Timing is everything in photography, and this image is a great example of that. Excellent use of your 300mm lens to capture this moment right here. I love how you composed the image and went with a medium frame and didn’t get too close or tight on the bear. There’s some nice spacing around the subject and this makes for an excellent wildlife image.” Matt Adams – Producer, National Geographic Your Shot

It was also awarded a Mark of Excellence by the judges for the I SHOT IT Wildlife Photo Competition 2017.

“Well it is a well known spot for grizzly fishing, but you have timed this perfectly, earning a well deserved mark of excellence.” Judge’s comment

Artist: Nick Dale

Product Reference No: A-155864

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