Bluebell Wood fused glass panel on a stand


This panel bears a marked resemblance to one of the impressionist pastel paintings I am known for – yet, surprisingly, it is entirely made of GLASS!   Glass sheet, glass powder, glass frit (small pieces) and glass paints are used in many layers and firings to achieve this soft, impressionist look, which has mystery and visual depth despite the glass being just 6mm deep itself.  Finally, highlights of gold are fired onto the surface to hint at sunlight striking the tree trunks and branches.

The glass panel is 18cm wide and 30cm high, and can be displayed in a stand, or can be positioned on a wall using stainless steel “stand off” units which hold the glass away from the wall and allow light to shine through the glass.  Much of the piece is semi-transparent, so it will transmit light.  The price quoted includes either a wrought-iron stand, or the stainless steel fittings.

Glass can only be used for a successful landscape image if the glass artist is also competent painter, and luckily, this is my background.  I was elected to the Pastel Society of America and have produced hundreds of paintings which have sold world-wide as both originals and prints.  I have taught painting for many years and written 7 art instruction books on how to paint.

The art of glass fusing (known as “warm glass”) is quite different to glass “blowing” (known as “hot glass”) and has been around for many years.  The word “fusing” in the context of glass relates to how pieces of glass fuse together inside the kiln as the glass gradually heats, and reforms as it cools.  Many hours, and trips to and from the kiln are often required for one piece of work.  However, in terms of my work, I not only fuse glass, I also fuse together the skills I learned as an award-winning painter and art tutor,  with my work in glass.  Painted and printed imagery has begun to appear in my glass work, so clearly, the painter with 40 years of experience me is still inside of me, and is “coming to the surface”.  Having said that…the images are in fact fused onto the surface of the glass, and sometimes even inside the glass, and cannot be accidentally removed as they have become one with the glass.

No two pieces are ever quite the same, so you will own a unique piece of artwork.


Product Reference No: A-176997

Additional information

Dimensions 18 x 6 x 30 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)