Ceramic Vessel – Glazed Pot


Wheel thrown ceramics using either porcelain or stoneware clay. Fired to a biscuit temperature of 1050 degrees centigrade. Glazed in various differing ways using a transparent white glaze and various coloured glazes and fired to 1220 centigrade. After  firing,  ceramic transfers are applied that are taken from my digital print work. They are fired once more to 830 degrees centigrade and in this last firing I use gold and coloured lustres giving the pot a luscious feeling and look, dripping with gold

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Artist: Elaine Coles

Product Reference No: A-140976

Additional information

Dimensions 36 x 8 x 8 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Elaine Coles

My new work is either porcelain or stoneware,  thrown on a wheel, it then has a biscuit firing before glazing with a transparent glaze and areas of coloured glazes.  They are then fired to a temperature of 1220 - 1250 degrees centigrade making them functional.  After the glaze firing I apply ceramic transfers of my original digital art work which is fired on to the pot.  Lastly, I add lustre to my pieces, in either gold or coloured lustres.

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