Ceramic Vessel – tall pot


My new ceramics are thrown on a wheel, using either porcelain or stoneware clay. Fired to a biscuit temperature of 1050 degrees centigrade. They are glazed in various ways using a transparent white glaze and various coloured glazes and fired to 1220 centigrade. After this firing, I apply ceramic transfers that are taken from my digital print work. They are fired once more to 830 degrees centigrade and in the final firing I use gold and coloured lustres to give the pot a luscious feeling and look with dripping gold.


Product Reference No: A-140959

Additional information

Dimensions 10 x 10 x 12 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Elaine Coles

My new work is either porcelain or stoneware,  thrown on a wheel, it then has a biscuit firing before glazing with a transparent glaze and areas of coloured glazes.  They are then fired to a temperature of 1220 - 1250 degrees centigrade making them functional.  After the glaze firing I apply ceramic transfers of my original digital art work which is fired on to the pot.  Lastly, I add lustre to my pieces, in either gold or coloured lustres.

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