Champagne Butterfly (Dom Perignon Moet et Chandon)


I decided to create a piece out of 'Moet et Chandon, Dom Perignion' champagne labels. I photocopied the labels a few times then attempted to create a collage from them. The piece was not going anywhere until I realised that if I mirrored the collage the 2 symetrical half formed butterfly wings. I then  photographed the collage and then painstakingly copied the photograph in paint. I then added the Butterfly's body, which is a is a bottle of 'Dom Perigion'.
This piece is perhaps for those with expensive tastes.
This piece reminds me in parts of some early cubism paintings by Picasso and Braque. It is not in the style of cubism but there is an influence of those collages and the french text on the wings is also reminiscent of that period.
I am not sure why the combination of Champagne and the butterfly works, perhaps the elegance of the butterfly matches the sophistication of the drink?
The piece is painted in acrylics and I also used an airbrush on some sections.
This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist


Product Reference No: A-32449

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 x 3 x 50 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)


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Joseph Venning

Since graduating from the prestigious Chelsea College of Art in 2003, Joseph's work has evolved from cold, minimal, conceptual installations into bold, graphic, unashamedly decorative paintings. Joseph's popular paintings and drawings now combine highly detailed realism with vibrant colours, text and stylized, modern compositions. Joseph has exhibits in galleries and alternative spaces all across Great Britain and has collectors in all corners of the globe.

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