Chinese Leopard Framed


I painted this based on a photograph I took at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent. This leopard fascinated me and it seemed mutual! While the other photographers moved on, I  kept nipping back to his enclosure; a large, heavily foliaged space protected by glass. On my fourth return, the glass in front of me suddenly darkened and shuddered violently, causing me to almost lose the camera. His hereto unseen mate had finally had enough and four footed the glass before me in a blur of force! Fortunately no one was hurt and I took the hint! This painting has caught that curious and intense look he had. It is framed in the tawny gold frame shown, which compliments the greens and gold perfectly. This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist


Product Reference No: A-46378

Additional information

Dimensions 51 x 2 x 51 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)


I have been painting Portraits and doing various forms of Decorative Art most of my working life. Though mainly self-taught, I spent a year in France in the Studios of Master Realist, Ted Seth Jacobs and gained a strong foundation in figurative techniques. Portrait work has included series commissions for the CBS TV network in LA and in 2015 a large canvas of the rapper Drake and twenty friends, for his LA home. I grew up in Africa and my twin passions as a child were Wildlife and Magic! Later in London I was the official “Flower Fairy” Artist for “Dragons of Walton Street” for eight years, before leaving to follow my own paths in Art. I then went to Italy and indulged in both the culture and some further classical studies at the “Angel Academy” in Florence. I work mainly in Oils and pencil but Acrylic and Water Colour sometimes too. I am also a part time Tutor for Central Sussex College and love to help others - to learn to draw in particular, since it forms the basis of all further endeavours in Art. My current non-commissioned work is about combining Nature with Magic and Imagination, attempting to express the colour and beauty which is all around us if we but look … and dream a little!

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