Crazy Blue Bowl

By claire milne

  • Crazy Blue Bowl
  • Crazy Blue Bowl
  • Crazy Blue Bowl
  • Crazy Blue Bowl

About this piece

The crazy blue bowl is an abstract fused glass bowl created using a mixture of transparent and opaque glass with varying textures and finishes.

It is titled ‘Crazy Blue’ as the colours and textures are random and varied.  The range of glass used created the complex pattern and some of the colours incorporated within the bowl reacted differently under the repeat fusing which has created the various textures and effects.

This is a substantial bowl.   (weighing 1.3 kilos)   It is approximately 30 cm in diameter, 6.5 cm deep and the glass is 6 mm thick.

The bowl was made using the pebble technique – different colours of  glass is first cut into pieces and fused together, it is then cut again into small pieces and fused again to make ‘pebbles’, these are then arranged closely together and re-fused to form a circular shape with an undulating edge.   The glass is then fused for a final time within a mould to create the bowl shape.

No two such bowls are ever the same.   As the glass reacts to the kiln firings it flows together and creates unusual shapes and spaces.  As such these bowls cannot hold liquid but do make beautiful centrepieces.  This particular bowl was made from a mixture of new and recycled art glass so has a complex pattern with some irid ( glittery) finishes blended within the finished bowl.  Some of the glass is smooth & shiny  while others have a slightly textured or mat finish.

Although mainly a mixture of blues there are also pinks, yellows and amber glass within it.  The edge of the bowl is smooth as is the flat base.




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Crazy Blue Bowl

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