Cruel Britannia Pink 1


This was brilliant fun fun to make using poster paint and a wooden fork. It is varnished so the bits will not fall off. The lady at the diy shop was very impressed when i said i was buying varnish for my yacht


Product Reference No: A-172290

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 x 2 x 60 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)



Emma Donaldson

I have only started painting over the last few months and have been profoundly affected by the impact that this has had on me and other people. Two whom I hold in very high esteem have assured me that they can see "faces and characters" in my work. I have wanted to be a Dadaist since I saw Barry Humpries with a wellington boot full of custard. With this in mind I wrote a surreal play in Spanish entitled "La Vida Local". This is completely unintelligible to anyone particularly the Spanish. I would define myself as a "Textural Abstract Artist". I have attended classes at "Attenborough Arts" in Leicester which gave me the confidence to exhibited paintings in "Cank Street Gallery" and "Ten2 Gallery" in Leicestershire. I am also a life model and it astonishes me constantly that people are able to capture such a true likeness of me.

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