December Dawn


Fine art professional giclee print originally drawn in coloured pencil and ink. It shows stark trees on a Winter morning, the glow of the sun peering through.

It is sized 19 by 20.5cm.

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Product Reference No: A-158135

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 x 19 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)




The starting point for my art is beautiful, unusual and interesting things that I see every day. Using a smartphone I can now take photos wherever I go and then work out a composition based on these images. The strongest features of the images dictate how I develop a piece whether it be the colour, texture, narrative or just the atmosphere. I then select the most suitable media to produce the artwork. I might use paint over a relief under painting, mixed media and collage to give a more vibrant surface or drawing tools to convey line and detail. I love trying out new ways of working and at the moment particularly like to combine the graphic with the decorative. I find many artists really inspiring, Victoria Crowe and Gustav Klimt being particular favourites for their use of strong vibrant colour and  linear detail. My artworks hopefully convey similar strengths and offer the viewer lots of interesting details to hold their attention.

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