deep blue winter soup bowl


saltglazed stoneware soup bowls with a colbalt blue slip, glazed interior and black engobe foot rim.

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

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Artist: Jenny Mackenzie Ross

Product Reference No: A-59933

Jenny Mackenzie Ross

I have been working in clay for 30 years.  I studied sculpture, gaining my degree in 1985.  Then worked in different ceramics studios around Scotland.  These work experiences gave me a grounding in making thrown forms, and in the art of salt and wood firing. I set up my own studio, Northshore Pottery, in 1993.  It is perched in a far corner of the Scottish mainland.  Where the rugged east coast sweeps northward towards Wick, and the Orkney Islands beyond. It is a land of wild wilderness, jagged sandstone cliffs, and turbulent seas.  This landscape is fundamental to my work.  I see structures in the landscape everywhere from the sedimentary flagstone beds that undulate through the landscape, to microscopic lichens that cling to every rocky surface.  I walk with a sketch book, binoculars and a magnifying glass. Drawings are sources of ideas.  I make Sculpture, large thrown forms and tableware.  I fire my pieces using gas or salt and wood depending on the requirement of the piece.  I often use found materials and minerals from the landscape in the clay bodies and glazes.

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