Dissociation of the Human Condition

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No other painting better sums up the folly of modern man, who because of his pursuit of technology and machines, has in doing so lost touch with nature, he no longer knows how to ward off evil and considers folklore as mere superstition. This painting is a new kind of art that is a radical departure from tradition, pursuing a state of mind that has experienced psychic attack – an influence by ‘outside minds’.

Hidden worlds are at play in the great scheme of things: “Voices in my head told me to do it!” – “Voices in my head told me that eating was harmful to me!” This work of art draws no link to the human shape – it totally void of nature – only geometric patterns and symbols interact in forces and movement within the human condition.

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Artist: leonard dobson

Product Reference No: A-159973

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Dimensions 40 x 1 x 50 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

leonard dobson

Art education at Guildford School of Art 1957 - 62 - five year course - won National Diploma in Design (with Distinction). Professional career: Won commissions from London Transport & British Transport Commission for sightseeing tours. During a forty year career in graphic design I held senior positions with advertising agenciesĀ  in the capacity as: Executive Art Director, Creative Art Director and was awarded the highest professional qualification in graphic design - FCSD ( Life Fellowship of The Chartered Society of Designers). Retired from graphic design in 2007 and subsequently took up Fine Art, selling my paintings through on-line art gallery, winning a number of sales and over 200 approvals from customers and fellow artists. I am now reaching out to a wider audience and developing new exciting ideas to produceĀ  a series of striking paintings.

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