Dream With Your Eyes Open (Abstract)


A large, contemporary abstract, rich in colour and texture.

Created on deep edge canvas, this modern artwork would be an attractive focal point in a spacious room.  The sides are finished in black and the painting is ready to hang.  There is no need for a frame.

This original, handcrafted piece will be delivered with a Certificate Of Authenticity, signed by the artist.




Product Reference No: A-135342

Additional information

Dimensions 120 x 3.8 x 60 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)



Kalpana Soanes

Kalpana Soanes grew up sketching pictures in the sand on the shores of East Africa.  But this simple existence was short-lived.  Her flamboyant drawing style had begun to attract crowds.  Naturally, she took commissions.  Not for money.  Just cake, or simply, compliments.  She developed her skills every single day, experimented with new techniques and frequently sketched pictures in public.  Spurred on by the interest it generated, Kalpana started selling her artwork at a very young age.  She liaised with local businesses and soon her work was scattered all over the world.  Next she embarked on an exciting career in technology, living and working in countries in Europe and abroad for several years.  However, something was not right.  She missed the good old days.  Eventually, her inner artist broke free of corporate serfdom.  Now based in a quaint British village, Kalpana Soanes is a full-time painter.  Her work involves oils and acrylics on canvas, often accentuated with mixed media.

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