E-motion: Transmuting feeling into motion. This is an allegory for the dance of human relationships. One partners steadiness is what allows the other to fly, and in turn this flight is the guidance and elevation that the spirit provides.

This signed and numbered bronze art item, includes a certificate of authenticity. It is handmade and created with special care. Shape and texture are formed using traditional means, like files, wirebrushes, cutters and silver and electric welds.The nature of handcrafting ensures that every piece created is unique.

Artist: Anna Andreadi

Product Reference No: A-148207

Additional information

Dimensions 37 x 13 x 40 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Anna Andreadi

I graduated from the International School of Zurich, and shortly afterwards moved to Athens. My first works were experimental artistic applications, mixed techniques of clay, metal, plaster and wood. In time, my interest focuses on the field of small metal sculptures. Nowadays, I use bronze, iron and aluminum as main materials for my creations. My inspirational themes revolve mainly around human forms and are concerned with little, everyday goals of balance and harmony between opposed, controversial  things in nature and in principle. Some items are one of a kind, some other are numbered up to 50 using variations of the same basic parts, theme and sizes and which vary from table size to floor sculptures.

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