This painting is done with acrylics.
This painting speaks of the five generations of the earth since it was born. The single tree in a painting speaks of the big change that has taken on earth since its evolution.
The dark green leaf branch: The green earth when it evolved – that time of the generation when animals ruled the earth. (when it was just the home of animals).
The dark sap green leaf branch: The middle generation when man stepped his foot on earth and destruction of environment just began.
The dark ochre leaf branch: Symbolises the optimum destruction of environment by humans (less greenery, forest fires etc.)
The branch shedding its leaves: Symbolises the destruction of the animal habitat due to various human activities.
The skeleton of the branch: Symbolises the current situation of the earth. It also shows how man has caused a threat to the future generations of animals.

Image Dimensions: H-31 cm, W- 20cm
Framed dimensions: H- 44cm w- 34cm

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: Queenesh Dsilva

Product Reference No: A-63113

Additional information

Dimensions 34 x 44 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Queenesh Dsilva

Hi.. I am Queenesh, currently residing in Swansea UK. After completing my post-graduation in Arts from Mumbai University in India, I moved to Britain. Painting began as my hobby during my childhood and then grew up as my passion. For last couple of years I have been doing them just for myself. Now I have decided to sell them. I have been working as a teacher for last 7 years and do painting in my spare time. I have also passed Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Grade Examinations. Painting- Nature has always inspired to do something and has been a subject of my art. Most of my paintings depict the adverse effect on the nature due to human activity and the relationship of mankind with nature. They are basically the expressions of my emotions and feelings for nature and the planet earth. Most of them depict the vulnerable condition of animals and birds as a result of scarcity of food and loss of their habitat due to various brutal human activities. My paintings are usually made with acrylic medium, but some of them also comprise of mixed media.

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