Butterflies are one of the few representational subject matters that I am ever drawn to paint. I am fascinated by the power such a delicate creature can embody aesthetically. 

This diptych is full of texture with a bold colour palette, making them a striking duo. They can be hung either vertically or horizontally, separately or as a pair so are also quite versatile.

The edges of the canvases are neatly painted and it is already strung up with d-rings and picture cord, so all you need is a picture hook and the perfect place to hang it!

Product Reference No: A-224340

Additional information

Dimensions 60 x 4 x 30 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Katie Daw

It is my intention that my work embodies both movement and grace. For the energy of each painting to change with each curve of the next brushstroke. As each element attracts or reacts to one another, flowing in a very organic way across the canvas, resulting in it's own unique rhythm. It is this component of my work that reminds me of human interaction and personal growth. How our experiences and environment shape us and can change our paths in an instant. Every encounter we have big or small, memorable or not leaves it's imprint on us, changing the frequency of our energy to some degree, altering our own unique rhythm.

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