Field and Hedgerow Panel on stand


This is a piece purely for display.  The glass is screen-printed over an abstract arrangement of neutral-coloured shapes, the design evokes a walk thro the countryside and the sights and textures      – and wildlife! –  you might encounter.  The glass piece is approx 12″ (30cm) square – the feet of the stand count as 5″ /13cm front to back, and the stand adds another 10cm).  It will make an eye-catching change from wall art, sitting on a windowsill or shelf in your home.  The black wrought iron stand is included in the price.  The piece can slide easily out of the stand for cleaning – or for use, if you so wish, or you could choose to have stainless steel “stand off” fittings instead if you prefer to display it on a wall.

The art of glass fusing (known as “warm glass”) is quite different to glass “blowing” (known as “hot glass”) and has been around for many years. It regained popularity during the 1960’s and has maintained a strong place in artist communities since. Fusing glass in a kiln is a fascinating technique that enables artists to create unique and gorgeous projects

The word “fusing” in the context of glass relates to how pieces of glass fuse together inside the kiln as the glass gradually heats, and reforms as it cools.  Many hours, and trips to and from the kiln are often required for one piece of work.  However, in terms of my work, I not only fuse glass, I also fuse together the skills I learned as an award-winning painter and art tutor,  with my work in glass.  Painted and printed imagery has begun to appear in my glass work, so clearly, the painter with 40 years of experience me is still inside of me, and is “coming to the surface”.  Having said that…the images are in fact fused onto the surface of the glass, and sometimes even inside the glass, and cannot be accidentally removed as they have become one with the glass.

No two pieces I make are ever quite the same, so you will own a unique piece of artwork.


Artist: jackie simmonds

Product Reference No: A-176996

Additional information

Dimensions 30 x 13 x 40 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)