I AM Heathcliff! (Vintage)

By Peter Walters

  • I AM Heathcliff! (Vintage)
  • I AM Heathcliff! (Vintage)

About this piece

This limited edition artwork, has been inspired by Emily Brontë’s classic work of English literature, Wuthering Heights.
Using a technique that merges my background of traditional illustration with digital art, these unique artworks capture moments from classic literature in a new and captivating dimension.
Printed on a 190gsm fine art paper, these 8×8” prints*, from a limited run of 25, have a rich textured finish with an archival quality.
The artwork is signed and numbered on the front and arrives sealed and backed with mounting board.

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

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I AM Heathcliff! (Vintage)

Peter Walters

Peter Walters is an artist and award winning author/illustrator of children’s books, living in North Cornwall, UK. With a background in portraiture, Peter spent his formative years in the US, West Africa…

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