“In the depths” SOLD.


This unique fused glass panel, on its own dedicated wrought iron stand, was created with art glass, together with layers of glass powders, glass frit (small pieces of glass) and glass paints.  It went to and from the kiln several times, adding layers until the final result was achieved, taking many days to complete.  The dolphins appear to swim through gorgeous blue depths, light from the surface reflecting onto their bodies; the   transparency of the glass adds extra depth to the illusion of ocean depths, while the layers of powders and frits which colour the glass also provide an extraordinary amount of movement and “watery” texture which can be seen in the detail image. If you look carefully, you will see that the edges of the piece are left deliberately natural-looking rather than squared-off and sharp;  this too gives a softness and a sense of water movement.

On its own stand, you can position the piece anywhere, but if you prefer, you can hang the piece on a wall using special modern stainless steel “stand offs” , which hold the glass away from the wall by a few centimetres, allowing light to penetrate through the glass from behind.  These can be provided upon request instead of the stand.   Since the piece is created with transparent rather than opaque glass, a white wall would be best.  It would also be better to hang on a solid wall rather than a stud or partition wall, as the glass is approx 6mm thick and rather heavy.

The art of glass fusing (known as “warm glass”) is quite different to glass “blowing” (known as “hot glass”) and has been around for many years. It regained popularity during the 1960’s and has maintained a strong place in artist communities since. Fusing glass in a kiln is a fascinating technique that enables artists to create unique and gorgeous projects

The word “fusing” in the context of glass relates to how pieces of glass fuse together inside the kiln as the glass gradually heats, and reforms as it cools.  However, in terms of my work, I not only fuse glass, I also fuse together the skills I learned as an award-winning painter and art tutor,  with my work in glass.  Painted and printed imagery has begun to appear in my glass work, so clearly, the painter with 40 years of experience is still inside of me, and is “coming to the surface”.  Having said that…the images are in fact fused onto the surface of the glass, and sometimes even inside the glass –  they have become one with the glass.

This particular piece will be a talking point, and although it is not a painting on canvas, it is every bit as effective, if not more so.


Product Reference No: A-176867

Additional information

Dimensions 50 x 1.5 x 33 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

jackie simmonds

I am a working artist and craftsperson;   as a painter, I was elected to full signature membership of the Pastel Society of America;  my work has been sold all over the world, together with prints of my paintings, and art instruction books and videos, many of which have been translated into various languages.  I have won several awards for my paintings over the years.  I also work with enamel on copper, producing bowls and panels, each of which is a one-off.  The random effects of high-firing in a kiln, and the glorious colours I can achieve with the process, fascinate me.    I also now work with glass - glass fusing -  this evolved naturally from my work with enamelling, since glass fusing involves firing in a kiln. I particularly love working with transparent rather than opaque glass since it reminds me of my early days of working with watercolours, which also rely on transparency for many of their beautiful effects .  One of my glass pieces was selected for exhibition by the Contemporary Glass Society in the UK.  My learning as an artist never stops... I love to create things of beauty, I consider myself an on-going "work in progress"!

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