Signed Original Artwork

Acrylic and Metallic on Glass

Approx. size 520mm x 520mm x45mm

Type – Box Frame

Colour – Black

Artist: brian

Product Reference No: A-139953

Additional information

Dimensions 52 x 52 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)


From a long and extensive background in photography I dabbled for a period in pencil art before painting with oil on canvas and wood, but for me this was not the medium. The oil was soon replaced with Acrylic on canvas which really grabbed more of my attention and drew me in. I was hooked. I loved it. This resulted in a long period of experimenting with a multitude of application techniques and a variety of paints. This really was both an exciting and rewarding time. Painting for me has always been fulfilling but I was still searching for something else. Then I discovered painting on glass, this was it! The direction I had been waiting for, it has given me the most truly amazing results. Not only visually stunning and thought provoking but they also draw you into the illusion and depth of the 3rd dimension.

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