Matsuba carp and water-lily ceramic form


This piece of ceramic art showing a large group of Matsuba Koi carp has been thrown on the wheel using a white fine stoneware and decorated by hand using clay slip colours and the technique of sgraffito. Each piece takes many hours of meticulous work to complete. Only the carp have been glazed using a clear brush on glaze leaving the rest of the surface matt. The decoration continues onto the base creating a totally unique piece of work. The form is closed at the top so I have pierced the clay in small areas between the design to allow air to escape during firing. This piece has been carved back during my making process creating a 3D feel to the fish.

Artist: Tiffany Scull

Product Reference No: A-181877

Additional information

Weight 2081 kg
Dimensions 15 x 27 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Tiffany Scull

Exploring and celebrating her fascination with the natural world through ceramic forms and intricate sgraffito drawings. Tiffany’s creative process for every piece begins with a series of detailed drawings. Using a white stoneware she throws her individual and elegant forms. Once partially dry they are gently coaxed and manipulated introducing an organic feel. Selected clay slips are applied and blended setting the background hue for each design. Using Sgraffito she draws onto the clay surface cutting away by hand the top layer of slip revealing the white body underneath. Contrasting colours are added and details drawn onto the decoration completing each intricate design. Pieces are selectively glazed after the bisque emphasising the main themes then fired in an electric kiln to 1180°c.

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