Movement and light


All my water paintings are really about movement and light, but when I stepped back from this painting I felt like I was drawn into an optical illusion, with the undulations created by the diagonal and horizontal sections; which was exactly how they appeared when I looked down on an aquarium. The shadows and light further created the sense of movement by the fish and the running water.
I never use black oil paint from the tube, but I mix my own using varying degrees of blues, reds, browns and greens as I feel this gives a more natural and less harsh representation.
The painting continues around the sides.


Product Reference No: A-214760

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 41 x 4 x 41 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Louisa J Simpson

I am lucky enough to live and be brought up very close to the Derbyshire countryside., in the United Kingdom. I like to think that the beautiful colours found in nature are reflected in my paintings and I often find inspiration from the strong shapes of flowers. I particularly admire the work of Georgia O'Keefe and I too use a detailed approach and I find the close up cropping and the unusual viewpoint combines a realistic and abstract approach to my work. I initially started out painting still lifes, but I wanted to grab the viewers' attention and offer a different take on this traditional genre. Once I started painting glass objects I loved the way the colours, usually from a floral subject were picked up in the glass and would resonate throughout the canvas and create unusual and intriguing patterns. I started to think how else I could adapt these techniques which has led me to paint my 'Reflections in water' range. Some of my designs in this range are inspired by my visit to the Conservatory at the Pavillion gardens in Buxton, Derbyshire or nearby Aquariums, where the light from a skylight and running water added to the movement on the surface.

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