NY Wave Collage: Paper and Paint on Canvas.

Collage 36″ x 24″

Mixed-media collage where I have usedĀ  torn London street posters glued on stretched canvas. Later I randomly applied acrylic paint and a bit of impasto, then varnished with matt, acrylic varnish.
The box canvas borders painted in black with acrylic paint.


Artist: Vera De-Gernier

Product Reference No: A-139672

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 61 x 91 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Vera De-Gernier

Thank you for stopping by. About me. Only over a couple of years ago I developed an explainable loveĀ  and interest in learning and creating art. After experimenting different mediums I found myself being attracted to mixed media (textured canvas, collages). Being lucky in selling a few pieces I got my confidence and inspiration to focus on my new found love even more. I never get bored and continue to experiment different mediums. I hope the pleasure, experiment and sense of adventure involved in creative process show through my artworks. I am a big recycler and into restoring, renovating, painting, and giving a new life to street or charity shop finds.

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