Old Hall Inn, Now and Then Series no. 2 (Large)

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This painting was inspired by the village of Haworth, W. Yorkshire, a village which is internationally famous as it was the home of the Bronte family.  Today Haworth still inspires artists of all genres so that when I moved to Haworth 2 years ago, I felt compelled to ‘tell my tale’ too albeit in paint and collage rather than in text like the Bronte sisters.  This painting is a dynamic piece that exudes the energy of Haworth and its inhabitants, past and present, now and then.

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Artist: Judy Sale

Product Reference No: A-15393

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Dimensions 108 x 6 x 82 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)



Judy Sale

I grew up in the land locked middle America no tourist ever visits.  I have since lived in 8 different countries and travelled to many more.  My work is eclectic reflecting my lifestyle, no doubt.  I live and work in northern England now but I still travel when possible.  I like to think that each country I visit or experience has its own colours, character and disciplines which dictate my painting.  I therefore use a lot of found objects, collage and different media in any given work of art to produce an original interpretation of my very personal experiences.  I love colour!

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