Organised Chaos No7


Oil on canvas

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Artist: Dee Young

Product Reference No: A-14128

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Dimensions 90 x 2 x 90 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)



Dee Young

My Organised Chaos Series of paintings deal with geometric shapes within our environment. Since history began humans have demonstrated their use of the geometric,framing an entrance, land division and religious establishments. As we continue to build our geometric shapes upon our landscape it challenges me to express human movement within these shapes, the passage of a brush or dragging of paint with a knife with contrasting blobs,they have a flow within and between them which mimic the flow of natural and man-made energy in the city. Painted in oils,the light materialises from the canvas,mystical and sublime,as the rays of sun on a world man is unable to replicate, or the neon and tungsten streetlights which metamorphoses the daylight into a weird kaleidoscope in a city where the wonders of the night sky are obscured. I graduated from Solent University with ¬†2/1 Hons Degree in Fine Art. Have had Solo and Group exhibitions. Have collections with the N.H.S. ¬†Solent University. Philips Electrical. ¬†National Solvency Office. Weir Engineers. Gordon and Teague P.D.  

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