Prelude No. 23 (Framed)


About the Preludes

THE PRELUDES is a series of 105 images using pastels and graphite on 100% cotton paper.

These are small images because the dream image is small and are truly the ‘prelude’ to the larger paintings. As an example, Prelude No. 72 becomes FALLING MAN (Angel Gallery on

The dream speaks to me through the feelings evoked by the objects in the dream landscape. To understand what is being said, I begin the exploration by taking the dream apart. This is done using a three-phase process:
1. identifying the objects in the dream landscape (these objects are created by my life’s experiences, are familiar, and I know well because at one time evoked a strong reaction).
2. exploring the feelings evoked by these objects
3. bringing the objects and feeling evoked together.
This process helps me to ‘locate’ a ‘landscape’ where the possibility for understanding exists.

Artist: Marie Laywine

Product Reference No: A-107397

Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 29.5 x 3.5 x 34.0 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Marie Laywine

I am a Canadian artist living and painting in South-west Dorset for the last 28 years.  My artistic journey has taken me across the world, from my native Canada to northern France, Italy and the Middle East as well the village of Parsil in the Helambu region on the Nepali side side of the Himalayas.  I lived and painted in these areas.   I graduated in fine arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto and spent my third year studying in Florence, Italy,  I have a BA in art history from McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, and studied with Arthur Lismer, Group of Seven, Canada, at the Montreal Museum School of Fine Arts in Montreal, Quebec.   I have exhibited widely in Canada and the UK including at the Study Gallery of Modern Art in Poole, Dorset (now closed); The Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal West of England Academy; the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle; and the New English Art Club.  In 2004 I was shortlisted in the 'Big Art Challenge' organized by the Arts Council of England, Scotland and Wales.   In Canada my work was represented in the major exhibition 'Here and Now; Retrospective; 100 years of Painting' at the Hamilton Art Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario.  I have had solo exhibitions in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and participated in group shows throughout Canada  and the USA.  My work is well represented in collections throughout Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Australia and the UK.   In my painting I work with what I call the 'interior landscape'; I use images and ideas from my dreams to help me represent visually the mountain ranges and coastal plains inside a person.  I build up the image slowly on paper, board or canvas, using materials dictated by the image and its complexity.  I apply the paint with a palette knife, followed by layers of transparent glazes.  This process is repeated until I achieve the desired textural effect; this sometimes means that a work will remain 'in progress' for several years.  I like to refer to this process as an 'archeological dig' on a psychic level.

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