Radiant Sunflowers In A Vase


Vibrant yellow flowers bursting out from the vase with a contrasting red background giving a sense of warmth and radiance. The sides are painted black. A large statement piece perfect for any home or office interior. Perfect gift idea for lovers of still lifes and traditional floral art.
30 inches x 30 inches deep edge canvas wall art ready to hang. Modern abstract still life painting using acrylics. 100% cotton canvas stretched over a deep 1.5 inch wooden frame. No further framing required.
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Product Reference No: A-146049

Additional information

Dimensions 76 x 4 x 76 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Irina Rumyantseva

These artworks by Irina Rumyantseva are available to purchase from her own website www.irinarumyantseva.com

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