Raku textured blue green bronze vessel “Neptune 2”

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In Raku earthenware glaze finish. Curving cut “rim” echoing wave patterns- textural and unique.

Eye spot decorative motiff. The Neptune is one of Shaun’s popular vessel forms.

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Artist: shaun hall

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 18 x 22 x 22 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

shaun hall

Shaun Hall is an artist/potter who has been working in Raku since 1998.  He is a graduate of Middlesex University- formerly the old Hornsea School of Art. He studied under tutors including Paul Astbury, Emmanuel Cooper and Mo Jupp. Whilst at University he was introduced to Raku in his final year of studies and  has been pursuing the technique ever since. In particular he's become known for  working with slab built sculptural ceramics combined with copper matte slips or  metallic lustre glazes.     Shaun's work is sculptural and subtly influenced by vessel forms- such as the Jug. He has a particular interest in the relationship between 2d and 3d- with forms often having a flattened, illusory - or “hand- drawn”  look. Shaun's  best work seems to bridge a passion for objects rooted in antiquity (flint or  metal hand tools and pottery vessels) with Modernist sculpture and design.   He  has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the country since his graduation. Notable clients have included Selfridges and Co- (who bought his entire graduate display) and most recently -Arrup Associates. His work has been featured in publications including Ceramic Review,"500 Raku" and "Handmade in Britain"- volume 1. He's been featured in Gallery exhibitions around the world, including Paris, Osaka and Kyoto, New Delhi and most recently in a world exhibition of Raku Potters at Sedona, Arizona, USA. As of September 2016, Shaun's work is now being marketed across India and East Asia by Curocarte, a division of Svantra Ltd in Mumbai.

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