Sexy Hat


The second piece in my Sexy Red series featuring a particularly naughty model, although she has a beautiful face I decided to add the hat to┬ácomplete┬ámy imagined scene. It added several aspects to the piece; mystery, intrigue and a certain helplessness. It is subtly dominating and helps set the theme of ‘American city’ 1940’s under-culture. A favourite era of mine. This series is a study into underlying sexual desires bought about using simple shapes and the colour red. I wanted to show a mix of a few emotions with pure simplicity. Excitement, beauty and naughtiness dominate this series but over-shadow a very slight undertone of fear or remorse. Please note, I do not sell prints except for special request, only numbered. hand painted and signed copies.

(This is a limited 1st edition piece, of 5 hand painted copies, no. 3-5 are currently for sale)


Just to let you know I try to stick to a few rules;

-I do not make prints except for special exception, I prefer to hand paint all copies. Each edition consists of 5 hand painted copies the original is available for purchase on direct request only.

-Each copy is hand painted on canvas, signed, numbered and slightly unique.

-Every piece is made for a reason and has a story behind it.

-Some pieces will include a video as part of the artwork.

Any questions just ask. J

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: Jay Aitch

Product Reference No: A-65007

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 2 x 100 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Jay Aitch

Painting and sketching for as long as he can remember, Jay has secretly dabbled in a wide variety of styles over the years and built a fair collection, however not until very recently has he decided to slowly show his work to the public although not himself. His first series '2Tone Pop' shows imagined but strangely applicable ironies through icons from the last 50 years. What distinguishes this series from a seemingly endless host of of other post 2000 pop art is the 'story behind the structured face of modern iconography'. How about; Darth the ambitious waiter? Or the Blues Brothers in the closet? His Second Series, 'Sexy Red' uses his 2Tone style to explore the colour red and its link with sexuality. sensual and strangely reminiscent this series is naughty but by no means dirty, it can really be seen that he enjoyed making this series and was proud to say it. Jay is keen to show his diversity and is set to release some of his early surrealist work soon which is both vividly executed and challengingly in depth. as well as being completely different from anything he has shown before, watch this space.

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