the space of in between – abstract landscape


abstract landscape, acrylic on canvas, 40x40cm   This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: Hanna Hrynievic

Product Reference No: A-76714

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Dimensions 40 x 40 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Hanna Hrynievic

Hanna Hrynievic, MA in Fine Arts. From the very young age she showed her talent for Fine Arts and Music. She has been exhibiting her paintings, drawings and graphics since 2000. She also worked as a graphic designer in numerous advertising agencies, multimedia companies and illustrated children's magazines in Poland. Her main profession is creative work with children and adults since 2000. She runs Art sessions and continues her painting in Dublin, where she moved to in 2007. The works of Anna Hryniewicz result from artistic considerations of the light problem in the picture. In her abstract compositions she makes an unusual record of light which constitutes a synthesis of her personal experiences. With great patience and inquiring mind she creates colorful compositions and in this way she presents her emotional and visual feelings by means of painting. The intensification of such a mature artistic ‘translation’ comes from the clear composing of colorful ranges in which the author moves with natural grace and intuition. Spontaneity of painting expression, deep sensitivity as well as humbleness in arriving at interesting solutions all determine the values of this painting. The meeting with her pictures is a journey through extraordinary lit up remote parts created on canvas thanks to great sensitivity and imagination of the author…’   Artist says about herself and her painting: „The state of revelation and fascination causes a desire to approach the artistic matter and this approach perfectly reflects the heart of the matter and at the same time makes it unreal. It is rich although simplified and brief because it is limited to a small fragment of reality. A piece of world becomes a combination of experiences and forms a sign, spot and synthesis. There is no need to describe it word for word in order to express the significance of the moment. The matter of light and setting sun, which is observed at close range, is already very painterly itself. The view of the sky inspired me to create a series of pictures entitled The Light of the Sky. The painting of the setting sun is never the same. It is a living theatre of light in the space, it is perfect … I do not want to copy it, but I want to render it as my own feelings. I wish to see and feel the atmosphere of the moment kept in mind. The pictures are created from my imagination and preserving them on the canvas makes me look into immensity and infinity which I associate with everything that is the best”.

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