Summer in November

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I was looking down from a balcony and seeing many beautiful coloured umbrellas, it was the middle of November, and my immediate thoughts were of a summer day and beautiful Parasols, just like looking down from a holiday hotel, except it would be a beach and not a pavement.

Artist: Iren Wilson

Product Reference No: A-166739

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Dimensions 30 x 40 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)





Iren Wilson

I worked for many years in various jobs, and then studied at University as an Interior Designer and qualified getting my degree. As a young adult I studied Art at school, College and University and have a degree in Art as well. I have had some success in selling some Art in Europe and the East. With a commission for paintings for child bedrooms and playrooms. I have a passion for architecture and find inspiration from almost everything - people, flowers, animals, buildings and life in general I love life and especially family life. My Children and Grandchildren supply most of the ideas, especially the paintings about the child in us all.

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