Sunset over the Grand Canal in Venice


“Sunset over the Grand Canal in Venice” is original painting, one of a kind, palette knife city landscape on deep edge canvas.
This is a modern painting of Italy and the Grand Canal in Venice at sunset with Santa Maria Della Salute in the distance. I was inspired by beautiful Venetian style architecture and wanted to capture it in my piece. A lonely boat with gondolier floating through the canal is completing the picture and making the scene more dramatic and powerful.
I created this painting using layers of bold acrylic paint applied with various palette knives to achieve highly textured impressionistic piece. Colours I chose are mainly different shades of brown, purple and blue with accents of vibrant orange, yellow and pink.

Sides of the painting are painted black, the artwork is signed on the front and sprayed with a non-yellowing varnish for protection.
No frame is required and the piece is ready to hang.

The Certificate of Authenticity is included

I only use high quality materials including acrylic paint, canvas and Non-yellowing varnish to protect the painting.

Currently I ship to UK, Europe, United States, Canada and Australia


Product Reference No: A-168560

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 76 x 4 x 61 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Adriana Dziuba

My inspiration comes from everywhere, allowing for vast freedom and scope for creativity. A new project can stem from a tiny idea or detail I may have focused on including shapes, unusual colour combinations, beautiful landscapes or vibrant cities and towns. I work with acrylic paint and various palette knives to achieve bold highly textured modern artwork. I find playing with vibrant color and bold texture a very exciting process. Within my portfolio you will find mainly city landscapes often with person or group of people completing unique and beautiful one of a kind scene I have witnessed and wanted to capture. I am taking my inspiration from the beautiful places I have visited or would love to visit and interpreting them through modern expressionism and impressionism.

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