Tattoo 1


A shadowy portrait of a nude young woman, almost in silhouette. The use of black and white enhances the sense of mystery as the viewer’s eye is drawn to the light on her hip and the tattoos. Available in a limited edition of 100 all signed.

This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: Alan Taylor

Product Reference No: A-126366

Additional information

Dimensions 40 x 1 x 30 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Alan Taylor

I am a fine art and portrait photographer based in the Midlands. I specialise in working with people. I love the dynamic, discovering more about a person as I work with them. I am a self-taught photographer, having grown up with the medium since I was a child. My passion for it remained with me whilst I worked in a variety of museums and art galleries around the country. Eventually I had to leave the stability of that work to follow this passion of mine. I grew up at a time when film was the only medium and I still enjoy using 35mm and medium format film. I do use digital and I am an accomplished user of Photoshop. I do like to combine older technologies and equipment with the new and have a collection of vintage lenses, each with their own characteristics, that I use on both film and digital camera bodies. These lenses really are my palette! My work is available usually in short limited editions and can be produced on a surface to match your requirements. I also accept private one off commissions.

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