London town. A man hails down a taxi as the bus rests behind.  Its a busy place with no time to waste!

Colours were atmospheric as night approached!


All sizes available. All come with Certificate of Authencity by the artist.

Artist: Carmel Fiorentini

Product Reference No: A-113040

Additional information

Dimensions 45 x 1 x 65 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Carmel Fiorentini

I'm an artist photographer musician and writer. Born in of Irish/Italian family...full of emotional and sensitivity... Expression through Music, Art and Writing.... Art of every day life...thoughts and vision.... Art is from the imagination and the soul...without which you could not be an artist... Using all mediums available I gather ideas from life people and experiences... I truly hope you enjoy my expression through my art...Paintings, drawings and Photography and all that I share with you... Have a look something may inspire you?  Please feel free to email me @ with any requests. Prints will be available in all sizes please contact for acquired size. Thank you. Carmel

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