The Langdale Pikes


The Langdale Pikes are some of the most recognisable mountains in the English Lake District. Over looking the beautiful valley of Little Langdale the mountains have a timeless quality about them. I was inspired to paint this picture after a day’s walking over the top of Harrison Stickle (the main mountain in the picture), Every step that I took lead me from one magnificent view to another. I had dozens of ideas for paintings during the day, but I thought that this view summed up both the magnificence of the mountain and the tranquil warmth of the valley.
This painting is a new direction for me. I usually paint in quite a loose style with exaggerated colour saturation. When making this painting I spent far more time trying to capture the detail in the scene. Hopefully the final result reflects this beautiful place, but also some of the enjoyment I had from painting it!
This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: David Barber

Product Reference No: A-109034

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 68.5 x 5 x 68.5 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

David Barber

I love good paintings. Paintings that can hold your attention with their rich colours or carefully placed details. Paintings that don't rely on bold tricks, but those that seem to be filled with the care, love and patience that the artist gave to them. This is what I aim for when I make my art. I want owners of my work to feel as though they've bought a jewel that they can treasure. I have a B.A. Hons degree in art and worked for many years as an illustrator and graphic designer (examples of this can be viewed by following the links at the bottom of this page). My work is held in several galleries and until now these have been my only outlet. Selling online is a new venture for me and is also the reason for such a limited selection of work. If you'd like to see a wider variety of my recent work please take a look at my website. A large proportion of my early working life was spent in the magnificent landscapes of the Cumbrian and Peak national parks. From these early days I developed a real love for the peace and beauty of these places. My paintings are produced in response to frequent walks through these wild and often bleak open spaces. My paintings are an attempt to capture some of the light and freshness of nature through a thoughtful use of colour and tone. The paintings are made using oil paint on canvas. The early stages of a painting progress quickly with rapid brush strokes applied very loosely to the canvas to sketch in the major features of the composition. A tonal under painting is built upon these initial marks and this is followed by the application of the major colours combinations. Final adjustments to colours and compositional elements are then made to complete the painting. Wherever appropriate I try to retain as much of the initial 'sketch' phase in the final work, as it's often this stage that gives the paintings their vibrancy. As well as the original paintings, my work is also available in the form of signed, limited edition giclée prints, usually produced in editions of 200. These prints are made using lightfast pigments on archival paper. If you'd like to commission a painting please contact me.

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