The Ritual Revisited (Framed)

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The Ritual Revisited,’ Judy Sale. Mixed media and collage on canvas, framed. 2012, 50cm x 70cm.   Price £875

description for No. 2.  This painting is a tribute to a previous painting that is now sold but that was one of my favourites from my ‘Cyprus Series, called ‘The Ritual’.  A photo of this previous painting is actually incorporated in this new painting but it is of course viewed in an entirely new context.  While, this new painting is completely different from the first in every way – colour. texture, size – I am pleased that it has its own appeal.

This painting is a work that reflects back to a previous painting called ‘The Ritual’ .  The new painting is again a compilation of mixed media including a photo of the previous painting, hence the title .The Ritual Revisited’.  For reasons I do not wish to explain, I cannot revisit the site in Cyprus where the inspiration for the first painting was experienced so I am revisiting several of my paintings from Cyprus in this way.  This is the first painting of this Series.


This artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist

Artist: Judy Sale

Product Reference No: A-62534

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Dimensions 70 x 50 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)


Judy Sale

I grew up in the land locked middle America no tourist ever visits.  I have since lived in 8 different countries and travelled to many more.  My work is eclectic reflecting my lifestyle, no doubt.  I live and work in northern England now but I still travel when possible.  I like to think that each country I visit or experience has its own colours, character and disciplines which dictate my painting.  I therefore use a lot of found objects, collage and different media in any given work of art to produce an original interpretation of my very personal experiences.  I love colour!

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