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This sculpture is no 7 in an edition of 8 variations, all a little different.
The two solid bronze elements are mounted on a slate composite base.
The coloured element is fixed whereas the polished part is located by a pin and easily removed for cleaning. Natural bronze will tarnish over time or more rapidly after contact with natural skin oils and requires care if the gleaming and inimitable finish is to be maintained.
Shipped free within the UK or worldwide on quotation.

Artist: Philip Hearsey

Product Reference No: A-150225

Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 29 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Philip Hearsey

After attending Camberwell School of Art in the mid 1960’s I somehow got involved in the building and joinery world; which, by chance, laid the foundation for a lifetime career in architecture, interior design and furniture making.   This provided me with the training; the learning of practical skills which have been invaluable throughout my career.   From 1975 I concentrated single-mindedly on design. But I never lost touch with the practical aspects of what I was doing, keeping a workshop where I could experiment with materials, processes and possibilities.  This practical understanding of the materials I worked and still work has proved invaluable in the creative development of my work.   The wheel has turned, and now I only undertake special design commissions, preferring to work on the creation of bespoke furniture pieces and sculpture, including an ongoing exploration of the vessel form, cast in solid bronze.   Although, in my architectural work, I have been involved with sand-cast bronzes it is only recently that it has become my main focus. Initially I was almost exclusively concerned with small vessel forms; pieces with a simple power and presence defined by bright polished edges illuminating shape and internalized with vibrantly oxidised surfaces.   My interest in the vessel form is deep-rooted, but not in a utilitarian sense.   I’m concerned by the wider implications of enclosure and containment, sometimes of introduced objects but more often simply exploring space and notion, sometimes only lightly defined.   Table sculpture has recently commanded my attention for the home, office and hotels.   Working in bronze involves many processes, from making original patterns in plaster, wood, or fibreglass; refining rough castings, cutting, piercing and carving; sometimes welding, polishing and patinating.  These are techniques that I have had to teach myself; experimenting and practicing intensively over the past fifteen years.  The skilling process in refining these techniques to each piece is intense and ongoing.   I have exhibited widely in solo exhibitions, mixed and open exhibitions, solo showcasing and art fairs.   Work is held in many corporate and private collections in the UK, USA, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Greece.

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