White Birds Blue Sea


large seascape oil painting

White Birds Blue Sea large seascape painting is 36x48x1,5 inches original oil painting on deep edge canvas, white edges, no frame is needed, ready to hang. The painting shows two tropical white angel terns dancing around each other and flying low over a sparkling blue sea. The painting was made by building up lots of pastel colours one over the other and then putting on a slightly pearlescent white layer on last of all which gives the whole painting a white, fresh and slightly glowing effect. It was inspired by a Caribbean holiday some years ago when I spent many hours in a glittering blue turquoise ocean like this with the sun shining off the water of the horizon and making it white and hard to look at. Above me there were beautiful birds soaring and wheeling over the bay. I found it serene and very beautiful as a subject and tried to capture a bit of it with this painting. This is the second version of it as the first was not quite fresh and bright enough! :-)


Product Reference No: A-199013

Additional information

Dimensions 122 x 4 x 92 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)

Gill Bustamante

[caption id="attachment_227430" align="alignnone" width="358"] sdr[/caption] I am a professional artist based in Sussex, England and I paint large semi-abstract original landscapes, seascapes, animal and bird inspired paintings in oil on canvas. My painting style is a fusion of abstract, traditional, expressionist, impressionist, and a little art nouveau. Most of my paintings are also available as prints on paper or canvas. Art is a communication form. Many artists don’t know what they are trying to communicate and so try lots of different things before finding out. Probably most of us do. Personally, it took me until I was 54 before I found out what the hell I was trying to communicate and it turned out to be rather simple. I am trying to capture a tiny part of the magic I experience in looking at nature, so that I can keep a bit it of it forever by fixing it as a painting on a canvas. I get inspiration for these images by various means but the best one of all is by walking and looking. I like to print pub walks off of the internet for different areas of South East England and simply go and explore. The instructions are often out of date or the writer was drunk so I often get lost but this is all part of the fun. My ultimate goal with my painting is to one day paint something so captivating that I will not be able to look away. Then I want to disappear into it and find all the things that really ought to be there. It may or may not ever happen but it is a great carrot to my donkey...

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