This alabaster carving is part of a series of sculptures I have been working on in 2018 concerned with erosion. Part of the sculpture has been left uncarved to contrast between the stone in its natural state and when it has been carved and polished. There is a rippling effect towards the back of the sculpture where I have carved it into a rolling concave curve resem bling a wave. This piece is about erosion caused by the wind and sea. The rough uncarved areas emphasise the breaking surf when the water hits the rock as it is whipped up into waves by the wind.


Product Reference No: A-181909

Additional information

Dimensions 17 x 40 x 13 cm
(Width x Depth x Height)



Nicola Beattie

Nicola studied both Painting and Sculpture at Exeter College of Art and Design; she then went on to specialize in Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art in London, gaining a BA Hons degree in Fine Art Sculpture. She makes large indoor pieces in plaster to be cast in bronze, alongside carving in alabaster and polyphant stone. She also paints large canvases when exploring a theme further in 2D. Since 2013  Nicola has been working on a series of sculptures and paintings inspired by God and water baptism focusing on water and light. The sculptures consist of a number of stone and alabaster sculptures as well as several large plaster sculptures based on a water drop form to be cast in bronze. The paintings are mainly medium to large and painted in acrylics and oils, focusing on light and texture, similar to the sculptures. Her work has been exhibited both abroad and throughout the UK. London exhibitions and galleries include: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, The Menier Gallery, Sotheby’s Art Gallery, The Gallery and Gallery 27 Cork Street. Alongside exhibiting, Nicola has completed a number of contemporary art commissions for both private and corporate clients in the UK, her work is also held in collections in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Singapore, the Caribbean and Australia.

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