Aspirations for 2012

Three Wooden Vessels – Aspirations for 2012

This is a group from a body of work known as The Coral Series inspired by a trip to South Africa.This set represents athletes attending  the Olympic events in London 2012.They represent the medals Gold ,Silver and Bronze .

Turned Sycamore vessels textured, carved and colured with acrylics.

Gold/Large:  Hieght 110mm x Dia 100mm.

Silver/Medium:  Hieght 90mm x Dia 100mm.

Bronze/small: Hieght 70mm x Dia 78mm.

Product Reference No: A-14991

Nick Arnull

From an early age I had a hunger for art, colour, texture and form. I have worked in textiles , ceramics and as a monumental /architectural stonemason. In 1996 I discovered a passion for woodturning and the joy of making three-dimensional, tactile objects. The creative process begins at the lathe, and the pieces produced provide a canvas upon which to create designs using carving, texture and colour. My inspiration is  drawn from glass, ceramics and nature.

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