Aasiri Wickremage

I was born in Sri Lanka and now a self-representing artist living in the United Kingdom. Painting is a big part of my life. I started studying fine art at very young age under a renouned artist in Sri Lanka, and then continued to find myself in painting during my studies to become an artchitect in collage. I have recently concentrated on becoming full time artist.the love for architecture and design is always reflect in my work. My paintings are always inspired by the places and people and experiences i have encountered with my extensive travelling around the world. Most of my creations fall under abstract landscape, contemporary modern paintings and pen and ink drawings.Pen and ink drawings are done using fine art pens for extreme detail work. My favourite medium is oil. I use many many layers to develop one paintings,at times using glace technique and sometime wet on wet. All paintings are hand painted and drawn, and always one of a kind. I do not believe in making copies for the sake of sales.Painting has become more than a lively hood. A very spiritual and fulfilling journey.

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