Gemma Goodall

Creative Practitioner currently based in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Gemma’s works often evolve from the process of illustration, by creating a relationship between form and medium, to convey a meaning. Gemma uses this process of ‘story telling’ to engage the viewer resulting in a collaborative relationship between artist and audience. With a background in Fine Art and a love of Illustration, Gemma often finds herself creating new character based pieces, in her favourite mediums. The original Mucky Pup, was a pooch named Daisy. She is still the inspiration behind the “Mucky Pup” series today.

Originally from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Gemma has travelled all over the U.K and even had a short spell abroad. After coming back to Yorkshire and completing a Fine Art Degree with Honours, she went on to work in the arts sector.

Gemma now lives and works in Richmond, North Yorkshire showcasing work online and within various establishments. Most recently The Station in Richmond itself.

Gemma is a contemporary Artist who works predominately in abstract form. Her favourite mediums include charcoal, ink and acrylic.

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Showing all 2 results