Kelly Davidson

I am a self-taught freelance artist based in County Durham (UK). From the early age of 13 I started to explore ways of telling stories through painting, creating one image that could tell many stories depending on the observer perception. Releasing my imagination in to brush strokes on a canvas was a great way to share these stories with the world.   When I left collage back in 2000 I began exploring my art on a less structured basis. I developed a love of creating abstract art in 2004 and created my first piece “Tulip Angelique”. Since that first painting I have enjoyed creating more imaginative, stylized pieces and over the past 10 years, I have perfected my skills and developed a good eye for detail with a unique and professional style. My aim as an artist is to create pieces that will capture your imagination, stand out and be completely unique. Art is a personal journey to be enjoyed not only by the artist but by all that sees it; art should capture your imagination, heart and your mind all at the same time.

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