lesley blackburn

Lesley Blackburn Studied Foundation Course in Art and Design in 1979 . Started BA in Fine Art in 1980 at Winchester . However recognised many students were not able to earn a living from fine art so I decided to pursue a career in midwifery . I continued to paint throughout my career and turned professional in 2004 where I Started selling in a local gallery in surrey . I have yearly exhibition with Spirewatch which is a charity to help the upkeep of the local church in Harrow . In 2011 I formed my own company www.luvshaccdesigns.co.uk  we produce products from my artwork . I have also been sponsored by a local business group www.waltonbusinessgroup.co.uk   In 2011 we held a christmas fayre with walton business group called the festival of light . In  july this year we are holding a summer fayre in walton on thames were I will be displaying my artwork and products . I have just produced my own range of greetings cards and wrapping paper called ” The Beautiful Days Collection. ” I also sell my designs at two retail shops – bluebelldesigns in walton on thames and Neuvo Furnishings in Stalham, Norfolk . I have sold work in the United Kingdom , Belguim , United States and Canada . My style of work centers around impressionism and I work mainly in oils . I always use high quality linen or jute canvases . I enjoy floral work particularly using palette knives . I also like landscape paintings and I am strongly influenced by Turner and Monet . Some of my paintings are also influenced by Fabian Perez and Jack Vetriano and I have a number of customers who eiher collect my scuplted ladies paintings ” dance with me my darlings ” or there are some who collect the floral work .

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