Megan Morris

I am a self taught British artist, painter, illustrator, photographer and graphic designer. I am originally from New Zealand but now live and work in Buckinghamshire, England which I love. I've been selling my artwork and paintings since 2006, in that time I have sold over 2700 paintings internationally. I have always had a passion for painting, drawing and sketching and have been creating artwork through my love of painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. My style is quite eclectic, I enjoy painting in a variety of styles, abstract art, landscape, seascape and cityscape art, I also have a collection of fantasy and floral paintings which I love to paint, in addition I also paint large contemporary, modern, abstract and urban art for interior designers and for home staging. I mainly paint in acrylic paint but also enjoy using oil paint, water colour and mixed media in my work and create my own mediums for texture. My paintings are bright and vibrant in colour and in my collection of paintings you can find pieces from red, orange and yellow, to green, blue and teal and softer pastel colours such as pink, purple, mauve and the more neutral colours, brown, beige, cream, grey, black and white. I also have a great interest and love for photography and have recently been travelling through Europe, photographing beautiful subjects such as landscapes, seascapes, flowers, animals, historic buildings and structures which I am gradually adding to my portfolio. Before 2006 when I started painting professionally I spent 13 years in graphic design, I still enjoy this craft and when I am not painting I often spend time creating digital artwork and have recently added a collection of digital prints to my collection of art. I strive to offer my original work at affordable prices and work hard to make sure my collectors are happy with their purchases. If you have any queries, please feel free to send me a question.

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